Products and recipes

Ferentillo is an excellence for the products of the earth and this is underlined by the many recipes of the tradition.
Trouffle, beef, legumes, game, vegetables and especially OLIVE OIL!Trouffle
The cultivation that characterizes mainly the hills around Ferentillo is the olive tree and the principal product is the extra-virgin olive oil which enriches all the dishes and traditional recipes.Olive oil
Remarkable is also the production of beef cattle and sheep, made by small family farms and legumes, especially lentils and beans.
In addition, forests and valleys around Ferentillo are natural habitats for wild boar, hares and PALOMBE, whose expertly cooked and processed meat enrich the already overflowing table of culinary tradition.
Valuable product of the forest is also the truffle:  the precious tuber is the principal ingredient of many dishes.