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SAN MAMILIANO: San Mamiliano is certainly the most picturesque village in the territory of Ferentillo. It had a particular significance during the Saracen invasions stands as the first defensive bastion of the San Pietro in Valle’s Abbey. Completely restored,  boasts an interesting artistic heritage as the church of San Biagio XV°century,  built on the ruins of the ancient fortress of the village (in fact you can see the vents on the exterior of a defensive bastion time). The same bell tower has been built on the former watchtower. The original church was the Convent of St. John now abandoned.  Inside the church of San Biagio, with a considerable artistic value,  is the paint represents  the Coronation of the Virgin with Saints by Jacopo Siculo and a wooden statue of St. John. Inside the walls, you can admire the shaft surmounted by a column dated 1005 with the oldest Ferentillo’s coat of arms and the severed head of a Saracen.

MONTERIVOSO: Monterivoso lies with its important artistic heritage,  among the most beautiful villages of Valnerina . It had to visit the church of St. Anthony of the fifteenth century recently renovated and the rooms of the brotherhoods. Inside the church you can see the Oration in the Garden of Gethsemane by Francesco Nardini, performed in 1560 and the wonderful Organ. It can be also visited the ancient tower, recently restored and returned to its original splendor.

UMBRIANO: In front of San Pietro in Valle’s Abbey and surrounded by green woods lies Umbriano;  the village is now completely uninhabited and reachable only by foot. Umbriano is traditionally considered the oldest country of Valnerina (VIII-VII cent. AC).

MACENANO: the country is divided in two villages: Macenano and Colleponte. Here, as in all the other small villages around Ferentillo there is an ancient watchtower. It had to visit the Church of St. Anthony of the sixteenth century that inside has frescoes in Renaissance’s style.

CASTELLONEALTO:  this country is still well preserved especially in the old part where we try the small Church of Madonna del Rosario with a beautiful paint over the main altar of the sixteenth century. At the beginning of the country there is a great palace of the seventeenth century, it was the residence of Cardinal Pennacchi. Outside the village, situated on a hill, stands the Church of St. John the Evangelist.



GABBIO:  Church of St. Vincent Martyr of sixteenth century with frescoes by Francesco da Lugnano.

NICCIANO: Church of San Michele of sixteenth century with well-preserved frescoes.

LORENO: the original part of the country was destroyed; now you can still see the ruins of the castle and the Church of St. John the Evangelist of the XIII-XIV sec. with bell tower and beautiful frescoes.

CASTELLONEBASSO: small town, where we find a small chapel and the Church of San Pietro; in front of this small fraction there is the Source Water of Serpa, where you can go to drink the fresh water.

LE MURA: the Church of the Holy Trinity.

SAMBUCHETO:  Church of St. Catherine with a beautiful baptismal font and murals.

TERRIA: the Church of Madonna del Rosario and the Church of San Lorenzo with frescoes and paintings of the sixteenth century.